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About TATA Group

The TATA Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Listed among the top three largest companies in the world, Tata is a leader in technology and consumer goods. The company is also one of the most profitable. The group is well-known for manufacturing automobiles, consumer goods, and software. In addition to its diverse portfolio of companies, Tata is also a major player in the financial sector.

Founded in 1884, the Tata Group has an extensive portfolio of products. Its global presence is reflected in its portfolio of brands. Tata has a history of entrepreneurship and innovation that dates back to its founding fathers.

TATA Housing: Tata Housing is a comprehensive real estate developer in India. Offering products ranging in price from Rs. 15 lakhs to over 14 crores, TATA Housing offers homes and apartments for a range of income levels. In addition, it has a pipeline of 19 million square feet of projects under development. For over three decades, the Tata Group has exhibited a commitment to community development through its projects. However, the company is not content with just developing high-quality real estate projects - it is constantly bringing new ideas and services.

The Tata Group is making significant investments in commercial and residential properties in India. The company is also re-launching its stalled Mulund project in Mumbai. In the past year, Tata Realty and Infrastructure saw a significant increase in sales, as it focuses on residential properties as well as large infrastructure projects. Residential sales are also increasing as demand is growing. Tata Realty and Infrastructure is also investing heavily in a new project in Mumbai.